Joggers Bundle – High Kick Harem Joggers and Double Trouble Joggers


Prem./Small Newborn – Age 12

This bundle includes the stylish High Kick Harem Joggers and the more traditionally shaped Double Trouble Joggers.



The Double Trouble Joggers have a colour blocked option which adds a stylish twist to a staple pattern.

There are 2 waistband options – regular elastic, or a double height jersey cuff. There are 2 leg cuff options – regular, or double height. The double height cuffs can be worn folded or unfolded and are perfect for children prone to growth spurts, or for little ones in cloth nappies. Diagonal hip pockets and a faux drawstring can also be added.

An overlocker/serger will create the neatest finish but all options can be made using a regular sewing machine.

The High Kick Harem Joggers are the perfect blend of stylish and comfortable.

They have a slim-fitting design with the characteristic harem dropped-crotch.

There is an option for 3 piece colour blocking on the legs, a through pocket and a faux drawstring. They are quick to sew and suitable for beginners.

The pattern is designed for medium weight knit fabrics such as french terry or sweatshirt knit, however, thinner fabrics such as cotton/lycra jersey can also be used. Cotton/lycra jersey is required for the double height cuffs.

As with all MBJM patterns, you may sell items made using this pattern.

You can find the measurements charts for all MBJM patterns here.

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